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Challenging times call for the strength and stability that can only be provided by a litigation firm with decades of trial expertise. Consider the professional services offered by Vincent R. Fontana, a consistent provider of high quality legal advice for both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and institutions, whose impressive reputation for high-quality representation and ethical standards stands the test of today's legal environment. After 35 years as a partner in two of the most prestigious insurance defense firms in the nation, Vincent R. Fontana now brings his trial experience to a wide range of clients. The Law Office of Vincent R. Fontana prides itself in its ability to pay close attention to the smallest detail while defending or prosecuting the most sophisticated of individual cases. Likewise, each and every client, no matter the size of their case, is provided with a powerful legal ally in their matter. Where in larger firms, your case may be lost in the shuffle, we encourage our clients to consult with us regularly. We are accessible. And above all, we seek not only to be a client's legal counsel - but to establish with them a strong and trusted partnership.

In a litigious society, prevention is just as important as defending a lawsuit once it has been brought. Institutional clients, both public and private, trust The Law Office of Vincent R. Fontana to offer the same extensive experience in developing claim prevention strategies for employers, in preparing Employee Handbooks, and in conducting in-house seminars for harassment claims. By educating a company's employees on what constitutes proper and improper workforce conduct, an employer can avoid, or at least drastically reduce exposure to, expensive employment discrimination litigation. We can help. The Law Office of Vincent R. Fontana is proud to be proactive, not simply reactive, and wholly responsive to our client's needs.

Most recently, Mr. Fontana has been listed under the Government Law section of Long Island Pulse Magazine's 2010 Top Legal Eagles as well as the New York Law Journal for precedent-setting decisions on free speech in the employment law space.

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